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About Shock

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Shock is a super easy smartphone app designed to automatically generate websites. Add your company details, pick a colour palette and add a few contact details and that’s it. Your website is ready to go live.

Update in 60 seconds

Creating a website is only half the story, keeping it updated is what brings customers back and increases your search engine ranking. In Shock you only need to tap on a post to make amends, tap the + button to add a new post or add new stock images. Keeping fresh and current has never been easier.

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But it doesn’t stop there, Shock will automatically post any new content updates through to your Facebook page. Your website and your social media effortlessly working together. Shock sorts out your online presence in one simple app.

The Team

Our goal is to not only make it super easy to get your business online, but more importantly make it even easier to stay online by allowing updates to your website and social media a no brainer, as it should be.









Contact Us

We continue to be inspired by our customers and the opportunities to make more of our online world a pleasure to use.

Send us your feedback or questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.